Saturday, June 11, 2011

Surname Saturday

This is one area I have neglected here and decided that it's time I start entering this data. I never know, but maybe I'll find another cousin along the way. I am using the example that Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings uses at this time.

This weekend I am following part of my paternal's line back to John Rankin Tucker and his family

I    Me
II. My Father
III. My Mother
IV  My paternal grandfather

VI  John Rankin Tucker is my paternal great-grandfather.. John was born abt 19 Oct 1867 in White County, Illinois to Lemuel Tucker and Martha Jane Cozart.

John  married Rilda/Rildy/or Rilda E Cooper 21 Mar 1892 in White County, Illinois. John and Rilda had one child, a son Clarence Lemuel Tucker (No. IV) born 19 Nov 1896.  This marriage ended within a few years, but the reason is unknown up to now. (I still need to find a death record for Rilda or divorce proceedings).

John married for the second time to Virginia Kingery (born 4 Feb 1886 in Illinois)

Children born to this union were:

Adrian Tucker (born 15 Oct 1902 in White County, Illinois and died 26 Feb 1965) Adrian married Florence Allison and they had one daughter, Hazel Marie.

Snowdie Alice Tucker was born 19 Mar 1914 in White County, Illinois and died 26 Oct 1930 in White County. She was too young to marry at the time of her death.

Nothing makes me happier than to meet others who are researching the same families that I am. If any of these people are familiar to you and you would like to share or discuss information, please feel free to contact me. The welcome mat is always open.

Midyear Updates

I decided to take a moment and look back at the goals I made in January for 2011 since we are halfway through the year in order to ensure that I am staying the course and this is what I discovered:

1) Scan as many of the photos and documents in immediate family members possessions as possible

This is a continual process, but I am having success. I've attended Scanfest, and borrowed papers, and photos from family to ensure copies of all items are dispersed over several households.

2) Catch up and stay current in my ProGen Class

I continue to struggle with this

3) Continue to follow leads on the McDaniel/Munsey side of my family

This was a large brickwall in my family that is finally opening with trips to Posey County, Indiana. More trips are needed to see what records can be copied and studied for further study.

4) Visit White County, Illinois and Ohio County, Kentucky

Spent 3 days in Ohio County in March and should be back there for 2 days next week to do research and connect with some relatives we have met. White County will be later in June or mid July.

I feel fairly well about those at this point in the year, and have accomplished other steps as well:

I have taken several other courthouse trips for records throughout southern Indiana
Ordered some films from Salt Lake City
Attended  local workshops on history and genealogy topics and many webinars
Obtained military records from the Civil War and service records from St. Louis
Located a few naturalization records (Finally!)
Continued the process of the dream my mother has of joining the DAR

Sometimes I think we spend so much time spinning as we go about the process of "getting" that we (or at least I) forget to take a moment to breathe and really study what I actually have in order to put my family in perspective and treasure them even more. Taking a moment to see where I stand really can be inspiring.

Now it's time to get back to enjoying my family more and focusing on obtaining those goals.