Saturday, July 23, 2011

Changes, they are a coming

I wrote a couple weeks ago that I was reevaluating my use of this blog and how I wanted to make the space more productive for myself and for others who read the contents. After giving myself some time to think through the possibilities, as well as my to-do lists, I am prepared to discuss them now.

When I first began this blog, I stated that I wanted to use the space to "display information about my ancestors and their life, as well as to use it as a forum for discussing other ancestors from the Tri-State of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky." I also wanted to use this blog to discuss brick walls I needed help with.

Over time illness had prevented consistent use of this blog and the blogging community I love and respect, and I have also failed to stay the course with many of the goals I initially planned for this space. Now with thought and planning, I have established the parameters for the next few months of this blog.  One of the first things I did was to revamp my "Surnames and Locations" page to place the surnames more specifically into the states and counties that are relevant to my research. I will be adding my "Research Toolbox" within the next week, as well as defining my stand more clearly on copyright and links to these pages.

Content coming in upcoming weeks will include the following:

Military Monday
Civil War Papers of Lemuel Tucker and David Cozart
Information regarding ancestors in World War II

Local Events in History in Newspapers and Other Media
Discuss events in history that affected the Tri-State area, such as the 1937 flood, 1925 tornado, and the Civil War

Serendipity Stories & Breaking Brick Walls 
Times when the heavens parted and all fell in place as well as the stories of recent brick wall discoveries AND the walls I still need help climbing

Courthouse Conquests 
My catchy theme for courthouse finds

Stories From The Road 
Ancestral Homes, Businesses, Places important to my family directly and by means of living in the area, social history related information

Character Sketches 
This idea comes straight from a recent webinar conducted by Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist . I would like to add these once or twice a month. This will force (make me- smile) to write the narratives I need to on my ancestors and add the sources correctly.

The Writings of Those Before 
It has been sometime since I quoted the entries from the 1911 journal of my great-grandfather, John James Raley. I would like to get back to those. In addition, there were some other members of my family who have written journals, books, etc. and I would like to add those writings at times to share.

Research Strategies & Tips 
The title is self-explaining

Of course there are other entries to continue with, including Tombstone Tuesday, Surname Saturday, Treasure Chest Thursday, and all the other themes that are described on Geneabloggers and suggested by fellow bloggers. I am excited about the possibilities for this blog, and expanding the options to not only include specifics about my family, but to also add more information about the Tri- State area and also the other areas relative to my ancestors.


Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Great ideas, Kim. I especially like your Courthouse Conquests.

Nancy said...

I think most bloggers have to re-evalulate after a year or so, especially in regards to research time vs. blogging time and how to do both. I think you have some great ideas and I know you'll do well. Thanks for sharing your plans.