Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Opening of the Journal

The journal written by John James Raley opens with the simplest of words, simply reciting the origin of his family through time, and it is the beginning of drawing me into this great world of genealogy. As stated before, I plan on placing some of his writings throughout time on this blog so I decided today was a good time to start. If it is within quotation marks, then I have not changed any spelling, grammar, etc. Please enjoy.

"My great Grand Father on my Father's side was named Jonathan Raley his Father's people so my Father told me once was brought in to the state of Kentuky either from Ireland or Scotland my Father did not know which by a Catholic Priest and settled in Bell County Kentucky. Some time in the seventeenth century but my Father does not know in what year they were brought here. My Great Grand Father Jonathan Raley moved with his family from Bell County Kentucky down in to Ohio County Kentucky in what was known as the Taylor neighborhood near the town of Cromwell on Greene River about the year 1793. "

" he had quite a large family. There was my grandfather whose name was John Raley and his brother James, William, and Benjamin Raley and one sister whose name was Nancy Raley, who married a man named Robert Wilson."

This is just the beginning of a large section that goes on to explain the Raley side of the family, and I am forever grateful to a man who decided the family was important enough to pass down through the ages. I hope that sharing parts of his story will help others. i know it is opening doors to me for family history purposes and I will continue to bring portions to you.

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