Monday, October 12, 2009

Living Family

Sometimes we are so busy with the dead that we don't pay attention to the living. Shame on us! Or should I sayshame on SOME of us! I know, there are times when our ancestors who bootlegged through the mountains of Kentucky, fought in the Revolution, or who sent us through years of agony as we tried to find them seem much more interesting and rewarding than Uncle Shem who consistently naps over in the corner , but one day he will be someone else's family history and we need to honor that.

I have been very lucky. Although I admit to shrieks of excitement over a 1866 marriage certificate found in an unlikely place, I also shriek just as loudly at a parade with my nephew and a softball game cheering on my daughter (actually more, but lets not split hairs here). We may bicker a bit over the piles of "to dos" on the table, but we also couldn't imagine being anywhere else for Thanksgiving.

Now I am the first to tell you that while we are eating our pie I am quizzing memebers with genealogy questions, and when the football game is on I am reading one more of my pile of publications, but I do my best at combinig the two. However..... when the day is over, I am heading to the next inernet site or repository with a thankful heart!

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