Monday, November 16, 2009

Continuation of a Journal

When I began this blog, one of my goals was to have a place to dedicate to writing about the discoveries I would find down the road regarding my family history, as well as to share information with others regarding the many facets of genealogy. Unfortunately, neither one of these has happened in the past 2 weeks and i have missed this blog, so new in my life. I have quickly discovered that maintaining a blog has other benefits, such as helping me to keep my efforts focused on genealogy, and in delighting in all the avenues that we all know encompass this great "hobby".

Hard to believe, considering that just a few months ago I found blogs unnecessary and time consuming!

The purpose of today is to return to one of my early entries which is to quote entries that my great-grandfather John James Raley made into a journal he wrote about the family in 1918. I know this is a gift that should be shared, and I would be beggind if I learned that a cousin had such a treasure as well. So, I am going to commit myself to writing at least one entry a week, writing it just as my great-grandfather did spelling errors amd all.

"My Grand Father John Raley his brothers and sister all raised large families they were all Farmers most all of their lives except his brother James Raley who quit farming when he was about 45 years of age and engaged in the general merchandise business he also dealt quite largely in Tobaco at one time and at one time since I can remember was said to be worth several thousand dollars he was better fixed in a financial way than any of his brothers or his sisters husband Robert Wilson in fact he was very much better fixed than any Raley except my cousin William Raley of Louisville Kentucky whose in come is said to be some thing like or nearly one thousand dollars per month at this time in rents on his property he is a young man too something like 45 years of age and started out 26 years age without a dollar."

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