Saturday, March 27, 2010

Be Hopeful- And Cross Your Fingers!!!

For those of you who are nice enough to take a moment now and then to read this blog, when it is here, you are well aware of my darn computer problems that have plagued me with more headaches and frustrations than the plagues that affected Egypt.

I know most of the Dell technicians that live in India by first name, and more about the country than I ever considered before. Despite warranties and those great fangled events in which they can take over the computer to fix it- we just haven't been able to get it settled once and for all. On top of everything else, my new desktop purchased at Christmas has felt a bit left out of the attention and recently decided to join in the fray. These days have given me more moments of frustration and many. many times when I have seriously considered throwing the computers out the window. The last conversation with my favorite Dell guys included me telling them that they had better fix this problem NOW or come to my house in person and get them both or I was going to fly to headquarters in person and dump them on the Big Guy's desk in the middle of some conference call and that I wasn't kidding!

Blessedly, there is a man who lives here in town who is nationally known for his computer skills. I have read his column for years. Even better, I recently learned that we are related by marriage and are connected all the way back to the 1600s. Isn't genealogy great!!!!

Well. crying on the phone helped and he took my poor laptop, and discovered some issues with the hard drive, which neededto be replaced. We of course had kept everything backed up on a regular basis, and did again before he replaced the drive this past week. I have had the computer back now for several days and have kicked the tires, slammed the trunck open and closed a few times, and driven it all around Evansville and beyond and to this point we are very happy in my house.

So I think I can now rejoin the world of bloggers, and access my client work safely, complete my Pro-Gen assignments, and even work on photographs with some peace of mind.

But please keep your fingers crossed for now. I'd like to stay around for awhile.

Til next time (and I now believe there will be a next time),


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Judy Webster said...

I have just discovered your blog, and while browsing through some of your posts I had a chuckle at this one. (A sympathetic chuckle, of course!)