Monday, March 15, 2010

Fearless Women

I have missed my blog, and I have missed my newly found blogging community!!!  The community and Blogger has drawn me like a flower has drawn in a hummingbird with its nectar, and I already find myself feeling a better sense of calm as I write this. Maybe its the untapped writer within me clammoring to be sprung again, or its the million words that are zipping around in my head along with the voices of my ancestors, but it just feels good to be back on the keyboard and to be looking at all the great recent posts from all of you. Whatever it is, I am glad. Hard to believe that there was a time I thought that blogging was a foreign word and too "out there" for me. However, I have found many other "out there" (big smile) individuals in these past several months and you all have helped immensely. Your ideas have given me insight for further research on my family, your connections have led me to new cousins, and your writing prompts have given me the impetus to stay focused on my ancestry and forwardly (not a word, but it works for me) marching in the process.

Given all that, I think its time to get back to one of newfound loves- blogging, and with that I am going to start mid stream on the series of posts designed by Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist titled "Fearless Females."  She has a different post for each day this month in honor of Women's History Month, and for today we are asked to write a six-word memoir for one of our female ancestors.

I chose 2 women in my life:

Jettie Weaver Raley (my maternal grandmother)  Fantastic Cook. Devoted to Family, Church.

Flora Maude McDaniel (my paternal grandmother)  Lively. Hard worker, Harder life.

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