Sunday, September 25, 2011

Serendipity Sunday- Geneabloggers Leads Me to New "Cousin"

Serendipity Sunday is one of my new inventions toward a more effective blog.. This idea came out of the realignment of my goals for this blog a few months ago (Changes, they are a coming). and I decided that if I gave it a name and a day of the week I will be more inclined to continue writing the entries I want to share with others.

Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers has a weekly salute to new blogs every Saturday. He lists them, their location, and some information about the blog. I look forward to this each week and read them without fail. I often add them to my reading list in support. After all, not too long ago I had the honor of being placed on that list and the support from others was (and still is) amazing.

Last week one of the blogs listed was My Family Orchard,  an individual family blog designed to "keep you updated on latest findings, brick walls, and mistakes among other topics. I always make it a point to read a bloggers Profile and any other special headers they have that describe their ancestral locations, purpose of the blog, and surnames important to them, as well as the type of writings and entries they choose to publish.

Lo and behold, I found what Ken calls a "shirt-tail cousin" in his wife. I don't know about you, but I'll take a cousin of any level when it comes to a common ancestor that was born in 1772. I was delighted when reading his blog and discovered that he had listed the surnames WILSON and LEE from Ohio County, Kentucky. I sat up straight, read this again, and before I a chance to say "Shazaaam!" out loud I was already finishing my first email post to the author of this blog (Ken).

Since that first contact, Ken and I have sent several emails back and forth about the family line and are already discussing plans to meet one another in the future.

I don't believe these events happen by accident. You see Samuel WILSON and his wife Winnie LEE are at the top of my research lists and are 1/2 of the reason I am planning another trip back to the Ohio County, Kentucky courthouse within the next two weeks. Having someone else within our blogging community to share information, ideas, etc., with is wonderful.

Next Sunday I'll share another event that is related to the last time I went to Ohio County.


Amy Coffin said...

Congratulations on the find. Genealogy bloggers are one big happy family, in more ways than one. :)

Kim said...

The best news--- I have received another email from another person asking some questions about the family.One good reason to post results and seek those who may know more than we.

Jim S said...

What a great story. I've met quite a number of cousins I didn't know about before I started my genealogy research. I was actually able to conect my mom to a first cousin she never knew about as well.

Regards, Jim
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