Monday, March 19, 2012

Motivation Monday- Gears Moving

When one has been away from a task for a period of time, even one they truly enjoy, moving from the "wanting" to the "doing" can be be measured in inches or miles, depending upon the level of motivation.

For example, in my household where youth resides-  money, a new cell phone, gas money, or even movie tickets can magically clean any dirty dishes, empty a laundry hamper, take out the trash, or run a vacuum. Finding the dangling Popsicle for an adult who has been doing genealogy for years can be a bit more daunting. Thankfully being that I have been the designated benefactor in my household for the past several months, I relish the opportunity to get reacquainted with the men and women I hold in my heart whose voices I have never heard.

Little sappy I know, but it's a Monday. Apparently my zeal is greater than realized, because I have taken breaks from writing this post to go into my home office to pull every single family binder, reference publication, and research file off my library shelves and desk, and placed them on the floor in order to reorganize them into a more efficient  work flow. Finding my desk and starting to work in there regularly is the top item on my weekly "to do list" in addition to the following:

- Complete a database noting which entries have been posted for Tombstone Tuesday to prepare for future posts

- Review file of Lemuel Tucker (my oldest and most stubborn brickwall ancestor) so I can return to posting what is known in hopes of finding ancestral connections with others also awaiting the same information

- Search the local 1940 city directory to confirm addresses as one step in preparation for release of upcoming 1940 census

- Visit the Warrick County Courthouse to obtain records relative to my German heritage to increase clues in their history

We'll see how well I do on these goals this week, and on posting information here. I will also be spending some time in the evening with my Google Reader as I read all those posts I have missed in recent months.

Thank you.

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