Monday, March 26, 2012

Motivation Monday- Weekly Update

(* I had this set in my scheduler to post early yesterday, but for some reason this did not occur, so I am publishing a day late. Staying focused is too important right now in my opinion).

Motivation comes in many forms: a regular paycheck, a boss threatening to replace your position, an unexpected hug from a teenager.....fill in the blank with whatever those motivation are for yourself.

In order to stay focused in my genealogy research, making a small set of weekly goals that I am publicly accountable to on here is one way to stay motivated. Last week I made a small list and will use that as the beginning of either a weekly or bi-monthly post to update on progress and make a set of new "motivating" steps to continue forward progress.

So, here is an update:

 -Complete a Database of Tombstone Tuesday Entries Posted to this Blog  (Completed)

Review  Military file of Lemuel Tucker (my oldest brick wall ) in order to return to posting about him (Currently reviewing in depth and will post an entry next week for Military Monday on Lemuel)

Search the local 1940 city directory as one step to confirm addresses in preparation of release of 1940 census (Have discussed family addresses with my mother, and searched online for relative city directories, but the 1940 city directory I need to view is at the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library in their Indiana Room. I will be visiting on Tuesday morning.)

Visit the Warrick County, Indiana courthouse to obtain records related to my German heritage (Visited last week for several hours and obtained many records on the family, some I will be sharing in upcoming weeks)

Use Google Reader to catch up on all the blogs I have missed in recent months (much to do in this area; there are so many good blogs with good information to share that I may be catching up for awhile)

Now, in addition to what I am continuing from above, these are my additional motivations in the next week:

- Return to the Warrick County courthouse for other records

- Spend an evening scanning photographs and/or documents (I intend to make this a weekly event while watching some favorite television programs) 

- Return to  indexing to  polish up on my skills this week so that I will be prepared to assist in the indexing process when the 1940 census in released April 2nd. 

Let's see how this process goes and let's all "stay motivated"!

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