Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Great Grandfather's Journal

It has been a few weeks since I have qouted any entries from John James Raley's journal, so I decided it was time for a new entry. I am doing these in order through his book he wrote, and with grammar in place.

"My grandfather John Raley was born in 1806 in Bell County Kentucky came to Ohio County Kentucky when 11 years of age with his parents he was married three times his first marriage was to Nancy Wilson who had four brothers James, Thomas, Robert, and Henry Wilson. I do not know where the Wilsons came from nor of what decent they were. Robert Wilson and my Grand Father John Raley swapted sisters Robert Wilson marrying Nancy Raley and John Raley marrying Nancy Wilson who was my Father Jonathan Raley's Mother. Grand Father John Raley had five children born to him by his first marriage my Father Jonathan Raley who was born on November the 19th 1833 his brother James Wesley Raley, his sisters Julian, Pollyann, and Nancy Jane Raley."

"Aunt Pollyann married a man whos name was Vanburan Day. They at one time when I was a small boy were doing well Uncle Van as we called him was a farmer in Grayson County, Kentucky near what is known now as Goughs Crossing on the I C Railroad running from Louisville Kentucky via Paducah to Memphis Tennessee. Uncle Van and Aunt Polly raised quite a family one sone named Presley is now a Rail Road Engineer out west one daughter Martha married a man named Scott Likins they are living in Grayson County Kentucky. Mr. Likins is a Farmer and a stock trader and is quite well fixed financially. I have forgotten the names of Uncle Van's and Aunt Polly Ann's oher children Aunt Polly Ann died when her children were all small Uncle Van soon got married again but never seemed to get along very well with his second wife. '

"Uncle Wesley Raley married Lucy Rice when he was quite young they had several children born to them named as follows John, William, James, George, Robert, Thomas Francis, and Barbara aunt Lucy died in 1880 Uncle James Wesley got married again to his cousin Media Autry they have several grown children now but I do not know their names. Uncle Wesley lives on a farm of 150 acres of land Grand Father John Raley gave him when he was first married to his first wife Lucy Rice he has never moved or lived any where else and is now 73 years of age (in 1911 when this is written) and is growing very feeble he has several of his children living near him on farms and I suppose look after his needs "

This is the end of the entry for today, but I will try to post these more often. I find myself snickering at times as i see what he had to say as well as amazed and renewed once again in my desire for furthering my own family history.

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