Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goals For May

May is a big month in my house as my little darling graduates from high school. After spending most of the past two weeks being very under the weather and most of today wandering the internet (although it has been very fruitful), I have decided to follow the lead of my fellow Hoosier Tina Lyons who in her blog Gen Wish List , makes a monthly list of goals publicly. 

I have a huge trip coming up in July that combines pleasure with some fantastic opportunities to explore the ancestral lands and records of my ancestors so I had better get cracking now. So goals for the month of May include:
1) Completing the mini binders on my maternal side for both my mother and I
2) Finish sourcing my surname binders and ensuring all relative materials/documents are filed appropriately
3) Plan research trip to Kentucky Historical Society this month
4) Conduct interview/meeting with a cousin on maternal side of family

Let's hope that at the end of the month I can report that these goals were achieved and maybe even a few more.

Thanks for the idea, and the push, Tina!

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