Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today's Technology vs. Yesterday's Inventions

I have not been on the computer over the past several days and I have to admit that I've missed it. We have been in the middle of what I call the "Tussled Tango", a kind word for emptying every item from one part of a room in order to move a whole other set of items into that same spot-move still other things around-and then move the first pile to the spot of the last pile, throwing out some stuff in the process. Somehow in the middle of that crazy dance I wind up with a room that looks markedly better and more organized, but in between, oh my, in between it looks like a dozen shoppers at a 3am store closing special when they are fighting all for the same item. Drives my family crazy because they can't see the vision floating around in my brain.

I was twice blessed this time because in the middle of the Tussled Tango I was also integrating a few new technology products into the mix. So, today I spent a total of nearly 4 1/2 hours on the phone with technical support. The first person transferred because they said I was in the wrong department. The second person said they couldn't help me.The third technician which was suppossed to have recieved forwarded info from last technocian. Of course they didn't. The next technician hung up on me (accidental). After some debate, I decided to try one more time. The final multi-hour phone call set up the computer. The problem that caused all issues?   The cord that connected the monitor to the tower worked once it was reversed- even though both ends are exactly the same and not labeled are designated any differently. We only tried this because the technician was desperate and I was desperate to get off the phone and have them come pick up the damn thing and give me back my money.

What does this have to do with genealogy? Well, besides being a more powerful computer with better storage capabilities for my ever growing collection of materials and photos, I couldn't help but think about how my ancestors might have handled new fangled inventions into their lives. How did they respond when they had the telephone installed into their homes? Did they turn to a more knowledgeable neighbor or friend when they needed help with the car's motor, or did I inherit my stubborn streak from them?

I often hear the stories from my aunts and uncles of the walk to the outhouse, and given the grand freeze we have had here in the midwest recently, I can't imagine. I'm complaining because my cold water line is frozen right now, yet they boiled water on the stove they kept stoked all day. At least I could put the playoff games on mute while living on the phone and plugging in and unplugging all day. The great pleasure of my grandfather was pulling the rocking chair in front of the radio on Saturday night listening to country music.

Makes me wonder what great technology our descendants one day will be comparing to ours.

Til next time, Kim

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