Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday- January 26, 2010

I decided today to show a few tombstones from a trip taken to Lexington, Kentucky over Labor Day weekend a year ago, some for their overall design, one because it is the middle of basketball season, and the others because of their connection to Lincoln and I do live in the middle of Abraham Lincoln's years before he became president.

In memory of
My Boys
Samuel B. Todd
David H. Todd
Alexander H. Todd
All Confederate Soldiers

"He'll raise you up
On Eagles Wings
Bear You On The
Breath of Dawn
Make You to Shine
Like the Sun
And Hold You In
The Palm of His Hand"

In Memory of Our Beloved Son and Brother Marty Matthews

Adolph Frederick Rupp
U. K. Basketball Coach  42 Years
Olympic Coach 1948
Four NCAA Championships
Nationall Basketball Hall of Fame

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