Thursday, January 28, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday- Cossairt, Cosad, Cazart, Cozart Family

My great-grandfather was Lemuel TUCKER (b.IL abt. 1842, died 2 Sept 1855 White County, IL). He married Martha Ann COZART (b. abt. 1849 White County, IL, died 30 Mar 1910 White County, IL) on 20 Sept 1866 in White Co., IL

This couple have always fascinated me since I have known little to none of this vein of the tree for so long. Gradually, and with humor, the COZART line of the family is becoming one of the most interesting and researched lines on Ancestry, RootsWeb, and others. There is still much I have to personally prove and collect records down to my line, but my treasure today gives me some insight into doing that.

I had heard of this book on several message boards and was thrilled when it surfaced for me to purchase from a nice woman trying to clear out her inventory. "Genealogy of the Cossart Family, Cossairt Family, Cassatt Family, Cozart Family, Cozad Family, Cosad Family by Joseph Arthur Cossairt" was typed on carbon paper in 1932. It appears he sought to contact as many cousins in the United States and write a comprehensive listing with sources noted where he could.

It is a great source for me and I have not even scratched the beginning of its surface in surveying all the information included, but to me-- one of those enduring treasures!


Sanjay Maharaj said...

This is a great start to your genealogy reseacrh, good luck and look forward to finding out your progress on it

Lori said...

That's awesome! Hope you find some valuable information!