Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Winter Games- Let Them Begin!

I have been amiss in the past week to ten days in my blog activities for a variety of reasons, the best being that her high school basketball team is currently in the throes of tournament time (and won quite a "barn burner" tonight-one of those "Indiana terms that seems to surface every year in February.)

Regardless, I was pleasantly pleased to see on Geneabloggers that there is an Olympic event for genealogists. The 2010 Winter Games have several sports, including the ones I plan to participate in: Back Up Your Data, Organize Your Research, Expand Your Knowledge, and Write! Write! Write! In each category there are a list of tasks to complete. The more done during the Olympics, the better the medal.

For example, in Write! Write! Write! the tasks include: write a summary of what your blog is about and publish it on your blog, participate in a genealogy or family history related carnival, and write a brief biographical sketch on one of your ancestors.

I really like this for several reasons: an opportunity to globally participate with other bloggers in a fun event, its a reminder to stick to those New Year Resolutions I made on this blog just a few weeks ago, and it gives me some new tools to investigate and try out in my family research.

Consider partciapting in this fun exploration. Even if you only complete one task in one category you are one step farther than you were yesterday!

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