Monday, February 22, 2010

New Cousins

One of the greatest gfts that comes with the interest in genealogy, especially in the computer generation, is the connections that spring up.

For example, my world has grown tremendously since I took the plunge and decided to try my hand at blogging. Yes, there have been stumbles along the way but I am learning more everyday and now I wouldn't trade you crazy guys for anything.

Another gift of the computer and genealogy is my ever growing family! Any one who reads many articles about genealogy will eventuallycome across those that suggest the importance of message boards and placing queries regarding specific questions about your family.

During one of my "Wandering Weekends" (a term I made up last year on here to describe those times when I just get on the computer and see where my hands will take me- therefore wandering) I got on Rootsweb to see what I could find out about my Raley side of the family and St. Mary's County, Maryland. 

Well, since I had never looked at information on that site about this county before, i did the only logical thing and started at the beginning and read/scanned every entry for every month since the page was established several years ago. No one can say we genealogists are not persistent. 

I learned 2 things- there is a regular reunion for a group called the "Marylanders to Kentucky" and one name in particular kept showing up in connection with this group and my RALEY surname. I decided to send a note to this lady to ask her when the next reunion is (they are apparently hed every 2 years and travel between Maryland and Kentucky).  To shorten this long story- she is a RALEY cousin, was born and raised in my neck of the woods, travels back here regularly, and jusy happened to be availale to meet for dinner and a long chat tonight!!

You would think we had known each other for our whole lives, and I look forward to getting to know her better. I  have another "cousin" who lives nearby that needs some prayer and attention right now, and another I recently met through the computer.

Its an amazing gift- this genealogy world we live in.


Anonymous said...

Great Story! I just love it when things like this happen.

Cheryl Fleming Palmer said...

Fantastic! It is so wonderful to meet new family members! Congratulations!

A rootdigger said...

I am so new to it my self. I think I will enjoy following along with you.