Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Tally for the 2010 Winter Olympics

What an experience this has been!!! I have loved every moment, even those moments when technology would not behave and cooperate, such as when I followed all the directions to load my Wordle list onto this page in order to prove that I have completed the task. A printed copy is currently sitting on my desk, but will not be on this blog until sometime next week after I have some additional work done on the computers.

I know more of my blogger pals out in cyberspace, and have enjoyed the camaraderie with my fellow competitors as we each learn new tasks and cheer each other on. I am caught up on some of my items on my 'to do" list, and feel energized to move forward with more.

Given all that, here are the last additions to my tasks, and my final tally:

1) Go back and Cite Your Sources!

30 sources- Gold medal

not where I wanted to be, but progress

2) Back Up Your Data!

Completed Tasks A, C, & D

3) Organize Your Research!

Completed tasks A, B, C, D, & E  for a Platinum Medal

4) Expand Your Knowledge

Completed Tasks A, B, C, D, & E if you count that it was done 3 times on Wordle, but refused to load onto Blogger; I do however have a copy of it sitting on my desk and I will learn learn how to load it this week or else.

I will call it a Platinum Medal

5) Write, Write, Write!

I did not do task A because I want to spend some more time thinking about this before I add other pages.

B) Scheduled
C) 2 are scheduled to load on Saturday while I am at a basketball tournament
D) This is completed in preparation for Task B
E) Completed yesterday as I start deciding how I want to make some changes to this blog
F) I am now up to date with this by pre-publishing

Platinum Medal

6) Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!

Completed tasks A, B, D, F, G  for Platinum Medal

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Jo said...

Great job on your medals. I also participated and really enjoyed the event.