Saturday, February 27, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy- Challenge 8

If I did everything thing right, this is one of several blogs I have written in advance as one of my last tasks for the 2010 Winter Olympics. In this task, we are to prepare several posts in draft mode and pre-publish them. I am currently sitting at a semi-state basketball game and counting on a win (confidence).

This past weeks challengs was to discover online map collections. The map collections mentioned for this challenge were the American Memory Collection at the Library of Congress, the David Rumsey Library Collection, and the Perry-Castanada Library Map Collection.

I chose to see what I would find on Ohio County, Kentucky since we are planning a research trip to there in March and I thought it might assist me in my preparation.

Here are my results:

There were no results. How about that! I found nothing on any of the sites that cenetered on Ohio County, Kentucky.  Well, not quite. I did get moved somehow to the Kentucky Geological Survey University of Kentucky site where I did find a report written on the groundwater resources of the county. I know that the oldest rocks(Mississippian) were deposited 350 million years ago, that the highest elevation is 800 feet, that 90% of the population uses public water, and that the groundwater is hard to very hard. Very interesting, but none of that will help me on my research trip.

However, we are going to the Kentucky State Archives next week and I am sure that my mother will uncover just the maps we will need for our trip to Ohio County later this month. I have learned so much from each of the challenges, and this one has been challenging, and the only one that did not meet my needs at this moment. I will not however, not give up on this one, and I am sure will revisit it at another time when there are other maps I am seeking.

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