Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter 2010 Olympics- An Update

This is one of those nights when I can't sleep with so much on my mind so I thought it was the perfect time to open the laptop in the dark and address some of the tasks and categories for the Winter Olympics.

I began this with much excitement and unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way (needing to buy a new router (those of you who read this blog know that I must have a ghost who curses electronics), our girls basketball team is in the throes of basketball tournament fever (and that's BIG if you live in Indiana!), and so on. However, I have been able to dedicate some time to my categories.

Category 2: Back Up Your Data

          Task C: Back up all your data using a flash drive, an external drive, CDS, DVDs, or an online source.
                 I happen to use all of the above at this time. Every time I download my pictures from the camera, 
                 I immediately save all new data to 2 different external hard drives. One of them goes in a  
                 waterproof safe and the other leaves the house. (This is happening approx. 1x a month) After any
                 info is downloaded or added to my FTM program I save it to a flash drive and also to one of the
                 external hard drives.
          Current count in Category 2: 1 medal

Category 3: Organize Your Research

          Task C: Organize at least 20 photos into photo albums, sctapbooks, collages, protective holders, etc.
                I am currently taking a scrapbooking class called "Library of Memories" from Big Picture  
                Scrapbooking and our current asssignment invloves this very  
                task, except on a larger scale. So I have just organized a couple years of photos over the past 2
                weeks with more to go.

          Task E: Create at least 20 data entries in your database, or scan 20 photos, or scan 20 documents.
                I am currently scanning a couple small albums of my mothers that are full of cemetery photos and
                houses that family members have lived in throughout Illinois, Indiana, & Kentucky. As of this
               writing that numbers to approximately 75 photos (and they are also being immediately being
               backed up.
          Current Count in Category 3: 2 medals

There is much more to do and I am really looking forward tomorrow to reading several of the new blogs I haven't looked at yet, as well as learning how to add photos to Find a Grave, and some of the other tasks.

In the meantime, say a little prayer for my girls here in Indiana will you? They are playing at the next level tomorrow and I would really like to see them move up to semi-state, especially since this is senior year for some special ones to me.

Until next time, keep plugging away and may you find much success.


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