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Timeline of Martha Ann Cozart

After some attempts to start this timeline on the site TimeToast, I decided that I would follow the steps of a fellow blogger (Tina Lyons from Gen Wish Listgenwishlist.blogspot) and just list my timeline here. The good thing is that I have set up an account (free) with TimeToast, and never being one to walk away from a challenge, will soon return and learn how to work the program to my satisfaction. I will let you know how it goes.

Timeline of Martha Ann COZART

Born about 1849 in White County Illinois to Samuel Nicholas COZART and Rocksanna WRIGHT.

Census records for 1850 list her at 11 months of age, living in District 13, White County, Illinois with her parents and 4 older brothers. She was the youngest by 10 years.

The census of 1860 lists her as 11 years of age, living at Township 5 Range 9E, White County, Illinois with her parents as the only child.

Martha marries Lemuel TUCKER on 20 Sept 1866 in White County, Illinois.

19 October 1866, my great-grandfather John Rankin TUCKER was born.

The rest of the children born to Lemuel and Martha Ann were as follows (all in Ilinois):

Amanda Ellen was born 2 March 1869
Samuel H. in 1872
George Raleigh 4 Feb 1876
Unnamed daughter 14 Nov 1878
Anna Belle  30 Nov 1880
Fronie  Date u/k
Minnie Jane  Nov 1881
Melvinia "Millie"  8 Nov 1883

Martha's husband Lemuel, dies on 2 Sep 1885.

On 12 August 1890 Martha applies for her husband's Civil War pension benefits as his widow.

On 6 February 1894 Martha marries for the 2nd time to Jeremiah SHELTON in White County, Illinois.

She died 30 March 1910 in Carmi, White County, Illinois at the age of 61. She is buried in Hamilton County, Illinois, which is where the SHELTON family has their family cemetery.

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Tina said...

Thanks for the mention. I had trouble getting my timeline to work in Time Toast being slow so I gave up on it. And since I decided to use it for an upcoming series of blog posts, I wanted to be able to hyperlink all of the entries.